Photo Credit: Casi Douglas | Tenfold

Photo Credit: Casi Douglas | Tenfold


I'm Kaylee Schanz, the owner and lead designer behind Florish. Before floral design became the answer to all of my questions, I studied and worked as an interior designer for the corporate world (OSU Interior Space Design '11). 

One fateful night I was walking to a networking event for work and stumbled upon an adorable floral shop. Inside a small group of women were crafting beautiful floral designs for a wedding. Until then, I had no idea that floral design could be such a thoughtful and intentional artform. From that moment on, I was hooked.

After pursuing my passion for floral design part-time, and welcoming my first child into my life, I started to question how I wanted to spend those precious hours away from my family. I had always loved working with and developing projects with clients, but it wasn't enough. I didn't know it at the time, but the entrepreneurial itch was taking hold.

Long story short, my flower source bailing on me right before my brother's wedding led me to my first local flower farm (right here in Columbus, who knew?) and my first vendor. Leftover flowers became an arrangement for our dining room table, which even my pragmatic husband appreciated. I took his appreciation as consent to make weekly flowers a thing in our home. But as a working mom of two (one human and one fur baby), I couldn't find the time to get local fresh flowers every week. Thus the idea for a subscription floral service, made with local flowers, was born.


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